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Top Hotels of the World and Their Classical Services to Customers

Lime Wood New Forest, Hampshire, England It’s about scrupulousness at this beguiling, profoundly rich New Forest den. Oak entryways are thick; paint completes rich; floor lights go ahead as you stroll into the washroom from your unobtrusively extravagant room; stylish parlors, one with billiard table, dissolve one into another, pale lemon into lilac into sage green, each with a start ... Read More »

Top 14 Beautiful Paradise Beaches in Bali

Beaches in Bali 5

If you travel the paradise island, Bali, you should definitely give these beautiful beaches a try. It vows to satisfy your « thirst » for sea exploration and nature beauty admiration. Amed Beach Nestled in the east of Bali Island, Amed Beach has long been famous for the black sand followed by the influence of volcanic lava. Additionally, the beach ... Read More »

Top 8 Best Places to Shopping in Bali

Shopping in Bali 8

Tourists often visit Bali without having any shopping tendency, but, in the end, they come home with a heavy suitcase of « stuff » that you go around the bustling shopping malls in this amazing island. Kuta Beachwalk Kuta Beachwalk has been known as a modern recreating and shopping complex that attracts a large number of tourists to Bali. The ... Read More »

The Most Beautiful Paradise Beaches in Philippines

Beaches in Philippines 2

1. Boracay Tourists must be overwhelmed by the vast blue ocean and immense forests right they step onto the amazing Boracay island. As one of the most famous island out of 7,107 islands in Philippines despite the fact that it is the smallest one, Boracay is undoubtedly an ideal destination for your summer vacation. Stretching over an area of seven ... Read More »

Explore 5 Best Attractions in Chinatown Singapore

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Located within the Outram district right in the center area of Singapore, Chinatown Singapore is a sharp contrast to the rest of the city, with low- rise buildings and culture bursting out onto the streets. This is an area that is proud of its heritage and has it very much on display. This « never – sleep » town has ... Read More »

6 Awesome Things You Absolutely Must Do in Yogyakarta City

Yogyakarta City 2

While Jakarta is the economic and industrial cradle in Indonesia, Yogyakarta is the soul of the country, fostering cultural and artistic values. The arts and culture center of Java – Yogyakarta has long been a city famous for classical art and traditional values. This place is under the independent management of the ancient system Sultanate, completely different from the rest ... Read More »

Top 5 Zoos in Singapore Make Kids Like

The zoo in Singapore is not only a place to visit wildlife, but also has interactive experiences such as feeding animals and eating with them. Singapore Zoo With more than 2,800 species of animals from all over the world, children can immerse themselves in the wilderness and enjoy the fun. It’s about interactive animal shows like Animal Friends Show, elephants ... Read More »

Sumba Island – The Hidden Jewel of Indonesia

Sumba Island 6

The island nation of Indonesia is not only beautiful Bali paradise, but also many pristine but exciting islands. Located in the Nusa Tenggara archipelago, only about an hour’s flight from Bali, Sumba brings the beauty of tranquility, making anyone surprised to find it. Sumba Island is about twice as large as Bali but almost separate from urban development. All amenities ... Read More »

Nusa Dua – Everything You Need to Know about Nusa Dua Beach

Nusa Dua 1

One time casually read the article online saying Kuta is not the “muse” of Bali (Indonesia), Kuta is definitely not, but I wondered who or what in Bali is the muse? Speaking of Bali paradise island, in addition to the temple, culture, we must mention the beach. The famous beaches are located in the southern tip, near the capital Denpasar. ... Read More »

Top Must-Try Malaysia Street Foods

Malaysia Street Foods 2

The laksa noodles, rojak fruit salad or roti canai bread are the few in a range of street foods easy to find on the roads of Penang, Malaysia. Assam laksa: You can find this dish in the counter at Weld Quay – the quaint bustle of George Town, Penang. This is rice noodles cooked with fish and tamarind soup. In ... Read More »