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The Famous Halong Bay Islets You Must See

As one of the new natural wonders of the world as well as an UNESCO world heritage site, Halong Bay Vietnam is a fantastic destination for visitors all over the world. Visiting of the bay you will have a great chance to admire thousands of stunning limestone karsts and islands of different shapes and sizes. Top best famous Halong Bay Islets below are things you should visit during the trip.

1. Saddle Islet (Yen Ngua Islet)

The isle is located in the center of Halong Bay with the 10m high above the sea level. It is called Saddle Islet (Yen Ngua Islet) due to its shape of a huge saddle rising from a vast expanse of water, formed by two stones with one is higher than the other and one is lower. They are linked with each other creating a gap underneath the linked point, which allows small boats to sail through.

Halong Bay Islets

Also, there are some people who thought that the islet resembles a sewing machine than a saddle. Owning the majestic as well as special shape, Saddle Islet is always one of the striking places on Halong Bay, so if you are planning a cruise in this world heritage area of Halong Bay then you shouldn’t miss to visit the isle.

2. Toad Islet (Con Coc Islet)

Toad Islet is translated into Vietnamese” Hòn Con Cóc”, situated 12km southeast of Halong Bay from Bai Chay tourist wharf. The islet rose about 9 meters above the sea level with the shape of a big toad waiting for the rain at the middle of the sea.

Halong Bay Islets 2

There is a legendary story of Vietnamese behind the islet as follow: once upon a time, the God forgot making rain. As a result, this led to continuing severe drought and had negative effects on the life of all species. A brave toad that was later honored as the uncle of God led a group of animals to meet the God and asked him for rain. Since then, when the toad grinds its teeth together, it’s starting to rain immediately. And Vietnamese farmers consider the grind of the toad as a sign of rain, which helps them to predict the weather in agriculture.

3. Rock of ‘the Kissing Cocks’ (Trong Mai Islet)

The islet is a famous one on Halong Bay, and also considered a symbol of Halong Bay as well as Vietnam tourism.
Trong Mai islet is also called by another name such as ‘Ga Choi Islet’ (rock of ‘the fighting cocks’), situated in the southwest of Halong Bay, about 5km from Bai Chay tourist wharf.

Halong Bay Islets 3

The islet features with the shape resembling a cock couple rising from the blue sea, 10m high above the sea level. Over thousands of years, these two large cocks are still standing by the other until now. A legendary story said that the islet represents for faithfulness of love. The best time for sightseeing the islet at the sunrise, you will see the pure light of new day lighting up the cock couple.

4. Three Peaches Islet (Ba Trai Dao Islet)

Three Peaches Islet is situated near Cat Ba island, belonging to Halong City, Quang Ninh Province. From the far distance, the islet looks like three peaches, which includes a group of three small mountains with the 23m high rising on the vast water of Halong Bay. Here also has Ba Trai Dao Beach, which is considered one of the most beautiful beaches on Halong Bay, looks like a bow embracing the islet. However visitors just have 2-3 hours for a swim in a day as the tides rises and engulfs the beach.

Halong Bay Islets 4

Visiting of the islet, visitors also have chance to hear the interesting story about origination of the islet, which is often told by locals. As the legend, there was a beautiful fairy in the heaven, and also was the youngest daughter of the God falling in love with a poor fisherman. So she wanted him to live longer without a death to be with her forever, she stole three peaches for him. However, the God found this incident and he was very angry. After that, he turned three peaches into three stone mountains on the sea. From then, the residents called the islet as Three Peaches Islet.

5. Human head shaped Islet (Dau Nguoi Islet )

Human head shaped Islet lies in the south of the island range of Bo Hon, near Luon Grotto, Sung Sot Island and Ti Top Island. It is about 13km from Bai Chay Tourist Wharf.

Halong Bay Islets 5

The islet is highlighted with the 25m high and the unique shape of a man’s head. Particularly, if you look carefully, you will see it resembling the head of a Greek with a big hawkish nose and pointed chin above the water surface. Also, there are some people thought that it looks like an Egyptian Sphinx statue.

The perfect time for visiting is at the dawn when the scenery of the islet becomes magical in the red sunshine of late afternoon. You can visit by kayaking or from the cruise on Halong Bay to gaze this impressive beauty.

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