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Swan Shaped Limestone Isle in Bai Tu Long Bay Loses ‘Head’

A swan shaped limestone isle in Bai Tu Long Bay has been found losing its ‘head’, likely due to naturally-occurring rockslide.

The limestone island is called Thien Nga (Swan) Islet because it owns the shape resembling a swimming swan on Bai Tu Long Bay, bordering to the northeast of Ha Long Bay – the New Natural Wonder of the World.

Swan Shaped Limestone 2


At the talk with Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper of Vietnam on 16th July, Can Dinh Loan – the photographer said that he found the isle with no head during the trip of a photo shoot by boat together with his photography association at Bai Tu Long Bay on June 4.

Swan Shaped Limestone


Loan said that he noted the difference of the isle at the first sight because he is a frequent visitor to the bay. Immediately he had taken some pictures of the rock without head to compare with other previous pictures of its.

Looking at the remaining surface of the isle, likely due to natural erosion resulting to current shape. Also according to the captain of his voyage, the external force is likely not a cause of the breaking down such a huge limestone.

Loan said: “In my opinion, it is a pity for such a natural masterpiece because of the heavy damage. However, if there was any human interference, then those who must make himself responsible for the damage and must be condemned”.

This incident has been confirmed Tran Van Hien, who is the director of the Bai Tu Long Bay Conservation Center. And the competent agencies are carrying out the assessment to determine the cause of the damage.

Hien said: “According to the initial probes, it was most likely due to a natural geological phenomenon caused by prolonged heavy rain in the bay. Besides, this is a limestone isle.

He also added that the collapsed part (“head’’) of the isle is still lying at the bottom of its foot. However, he has a pessimistic view about restoring the isle because it was likely too damaged as well as maybe irreparable after the assumed slide down.

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