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10 Reasons Make You Wanna Go To Burma Right Now!

Myanmar is a beautiful country in Southeast Asia with endless chamrs and beauty. Here are 10 reasons why you should choose Burma as your next destination in your travel list.

1. Riding hot air balloon over the temples plain of Bagan in the most inspiring sunrise moments, watching the marvelous monuments coming from the mist of the early morning.

reasons to go burma

2. Enjoying the exceptional voyage onboard of Luxury Myanmar River Cruises. The journey promises to be once in a lifetime offering the spectacular views over the monuments along of the banks of the mighty river as well as a visit to the hard – to – reach areas that no inland tours can access. Furthermore, if lucky, you will spot the famous dolphins of the Irrawaddy river which help fishermen catch the fish.

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3. Admiring the world famous one – leg rowing skill of Intha people on the tranquil lake Inle. Tourists will have a chance to experience the life of the natives on the water, in the floating markets, gardens and stilt houses. The beauty of nature and peaceful life of the people on the lake can easily charm any visitors coming here. Save these pictures for your favorite photo book, check out http://myanmarprivateholidays.com/tours/myanmar-photography-tours/

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4. Overwhelming by the majestic of the Shwedagon Pagoda. The construction is said to be the oldest one in the world for more than 2600 years old. It was coated by layers of gold and decorated with thousand of precious gems such as ruby, diamond and sapphire.

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5. Tasting the diverse cuisine. Burmese cuisine is influenced by the culinary of some neighbor country such as Thailand, China and India. Moreover, when in Burma, you have to visit the teahouse to try the unique sweetened black tea with some sweet snacks and may be have a chat with some local people.

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6. Visiting the colonial bustling bazaar of Bogyoke Aung San where selling all kinds of products from antiques, jewelries to souvenirs, clothes, food and so on.

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7. Having a glass of cool and fresh Myanmar draught beer and chatting with the locals. Beer stations in Burma are more like the sidewalk vendors where people come to have a drink or watch football. Beer in Myanmar is quite cheap, about 50cents/glass and you can have it with a wide variety of eating options.

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8. Trekking in the highland of Shan state to immense in the beauty of nature and rich culture of the ethnic communities. You can stay at the local houses, enjoy their delicious delicacies, visit their farms or try to do the circus like skill of balancing the basket on your head.

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9. Exploring the old colonial town of Pyin Oo Lwin by horse carts.

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10. Myanmar is changing fast. Let’s come and explore the ancientness and beauty of this land right now with Myanmar Private Holidays before it becomes commercialize.

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