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Slopes in Da Lat Attract Many Visitors

The slopes in Da Lat zigzag up and down making visitors always surprised, but for the people of Dalat, the word “used to” is too normal.

The name “sloping city” for Da Lat is not wrong, with mountainous terrain similar to the message of the road up and down the winding, folding into steep slopes, making every driver feel difficult every time travel to Da Lat. For Da Lat people, if they ask, “Why can you go?”, They will laugh and answer the two words “I get used to it.” Walking around the city of Dalat, you will inevitably face the slopes.

Nha Bo (cow house) slope

Slopes in Dalat 1

This is the most typical slope of Da Lat, causing many visitors to be exhausted with its slope. Called Nha Bo (cow house) because at the end of the street there is a French barn, now Dao Duy Tu Street. If you want to go to Palace III this is a shortcut – the most difficult thing you have to overcome.

Tin Lanh (Protestant ) Slope

Slopes in Dalat 2

The “Protestant slope” is located just below the Protestant church. Each time looking at Nguyen Van Troi, tourists come here to see this beautiful city.

Troi Oi (Oh My God) slope

Slopes in Dalat 3

Located in the area of Cu Lan village, conquering the slope is an exciting activity, it will make those who climb to the top will have to say the word “Oh My God”. Standing on the high hill overlooking the craggy winds, peaceful scenery, romantic dream of the village of Cu Lan will make guests feel tired but also very worthwhile.

Song Lo (Lo river) slope

“Slope of Lo River” is famous for sloping from a high hill down to Truong Cong Dinh Street, which looks like a deep abyss. The road with seventy steps and rock moss hovering around the year makes visitors feel tired every step of the way because they have to climb steep breathing, but for the people here the slope is so familiar.

Slopes in Dalat 4

In addition, some sloping such as Ho Xuan Huong lakes intersection with Le Thi Hong Gam, Tran Quoc Toan with Suong Nguyet Anh, Tang Bat Ho slope or sloping near Da Lat station … are also frequently visitied by many visitors.

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