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The Bangkok Travel Guide for Food Lovers

Many people often think of Tomyum specialties when it comes to Bangkok. Actually, there are many other signature dishes in Bangkok. Let’s explore other Bangkok’s tempting dishes.

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Fish ball and Pork noodle: This dish is similar in taste to Nam Vang noodles but with a bit of Thai flavor, you can enjoy this noodle dish anywhere in Bangkok, especially Silom and Sukhumvit.

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Thai-style Seafood noodle: For those who love spicy food, this fascinating dish can not be ignored. You can find this dish at any eatery or any sidewalk in Bangkok, besides you can enjoy this dish at Chatuchak Night Market (usually starts on Friday night). If you eat less spicy, remember to make them less spicy.

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Wonton noodle: Perhaps the Vietnamese are quite familiar with this dish in District 5 or District 11 but you should remember that each place has its own flavor. Like fried crab shrimp noodle, you should go to Chinatown to enjoy this dish, in addition you can find this dish in the FoodCourt in Bangkok but certainly not as good as in Chinatown.

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Guayjab nam sai: Thai –style noodle, along the Chinatown in Bangkok you will easily find this dish is scattered along the Yaowarat Road but you should find the most crowded restaurant to enjoy. For Thai people they are willing to line up hours for the restaurants they think are the best.

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Thai fish with lemongrass sauce: Same as Vietnamese fish but this dish comes with a typical Thai spicy sauce consisting of cilantro and other spices. It’s great to have friends enjoy this dish with the famuos Chang Beer. The proper address for this dish is Central World but not Central World. You go out of Central World and ask locals where “pla pao” is located, they will hand in the directions or you see where near the smoky Central World is exactly the interesting grill fish.

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Thai fried fish: It is similar to Vietnamese fried fish fry but the Thai fish salad also has lemon leaf and served with live cowpea with typical sauce. You can find this item at any street vendor in Bangkok.

KFC fried chicken wings: There have been many people told me crazy when going to Thailand to eat KFC again. But in fact, in every market, KFC has its own signature dish and this is the typical fried chicken of Thai KFC. Come to the nearest KFC and order the “WINGZ ZABB” chicken wings, you will be surprised by the smell and taste of this dish.

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