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The Energetic Summer of The So-called Hot Boy Pack Backer Quang Vinh

Phu Quoc, Con Dao, Penang, Langkawi (Malaysia), and Taiwan are destinations that hot boy pack backer, singer Quang Vinh did set foot in during his summer vacation.

This summer, singer Quang Vinh has traveled 4 amazing destinations within and outside the country. Being named the hot boy pack backer of V-biz, Quang Vinh often shares photos and professional videos at the end of each trip. That might be the reason why “Quang Vinh passport” on his Youtube channel has been attracting a significant number of followers.

Phu Quoc Island

Quang Vinh 1

Quang Vinh has just made a visit to the marvelous Phu Quoc Island this summer. He explores famous tourist attractions on the island that draws thousands of tourists turn each year. The 7 – minute video that he posts is meticulously made and used modern recording techniques. Of course, there is no shortage of interesting destination to this “pearl” island, but for the reason of the most attracting ones, he recommend coral diving at Mong Tay (Finger nail) and Gam Ghi islands, savoring fresh seafood at Dinh Cau beach, visiting rare animals at Vinpearl Safari, having lunch on the beach, staying at 5 – star resort, etc.

Quang Vinh 2

Noticeably, he did give two famous specialties of Phu Quoc a try, including fish balls noodle soup and “Quay” noodle in Kien Xay restaurant. They promise to stir up your taste bubs, then, satisfy your appetite with the mouthful.


A week before his trip to Phu Quoc “pearl” island, he posted a series of check – in photos and addresses in Malaysia. He made a visit to the bustling Kuala Lumpur, stunning Petronas Twin Towers, the ancient Penang capital city, and the charming Langkawi island.

With a long and illustrious history under its belt, Penang’s capital city is earned the title of Malaysia’s favorite and colorful city.

Visiting this amazing city, he explored street food markets namely Kimberley Street, Lorong Selamat, Macalister Road … to experience tasteful dishes because Penang is named “Kingdom of cuisine”. He gave Nyonya food a try (the mix of Chinese and Malaysian cooking recipes) which is considered as the « prominent » characteristic of Penang. Additionally, Char Kway Teow (a type of flat noodles fried dried with shrimps and bean sprouts) and Assam laksa ( a type of noodles served with coconut milk, curry, and seafood) were also top – ranked “must – tasting” dishes.

Named after King George III, walking down the streets of Georgetown is like walking through paths of history due to the presence of unique wall paintings and ancient buildings. Sauntering along the streets of the stunning George Town, he had a chance to discover the most famous wall paintings in East Asia. Bear in mind, you should get there early because of the hot weather.

Street paintings are of two types, namely 3D paintings aiming to deceiving our vision and steel bending paintings representing the traditional culture of local residents. Moreover, he said that you would probably be overwhelmed by weird and artistic paintings which were not illustrated on the map you were bringing with.

Quang Vinh 3

Strolling along the corner of the streets, rows of ancient houses with unique windows in which travelers stay away from the bustle and hustle of the city life, you might probably think of the charming ancient Hoi An. Occasionally, you see flocks of birds swooping down the street and flocks of crows perching on the trees, rooftops, or streets.

Situated on the west coast of Malaysia, Langkawi is considered as a real national treasure. Walking around the island, he explored charming beaches, namely Tanjung Rhu and Datai. Moreover, you immersed himself in fresh sea air, stunning scenery, and pristine blue sea water by swimming and diving in the sea. In addition, if you are engaged in mountain climbing, you should definitely give this amazing island a try.

Con Dao

Quang Vinh 4

In June, he shared a lot of photos of his trip to Con Dao in which he stayed at a luxury resort. There is one thing interesting that some famous stars of Hollywood and Vietnam choose this resort for their accommodation during their trip to Con Dao. Featuring separate location, unique architecture that is friendly with environment, sea – view swimming pool, the resort enables its guests to fully relax and escape from the hustle of bustle of the city.


Being engrossed in traveling, Quang Vinh also makes a visit to Taiwan, one of the hottest tourist attractions in the tourism map of Asia over the past few years. He did make many videos recording his itinerary, experiences of traveling, and eating that are “must – try” things in North Taiwan.

Quang Vinh 5

He did make full use of his time visiting a series of three night markets that are considered as the “soul” of North Taiwan, namely Ximending, Shilin, and Keelong. Going around these markets, he tasted “smelly” Tofu (the traditional food of the Chinese). Additionally, he visited Long Son Pagoda, enjoyed a cup of tea at A Mei Tea House, flied the wish latern, drove Ubike – a mean of public transportation, and visit the famous love bridge. He suggested us try the milk tea, the local specialty that he did “have a crush” right away.

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