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Top 5 Halong Bay Attractions You Should Visit

Owning the magnificent beauty of diverse natural landscapes, unique thousand-year-old-lime karts and islands along with lovely beaches, Halong Bay is always an attractive destination in Vietnam as well as in the world. Refer top must-see Halong Bay attractions below to get great experiences in this new natural wonder of the world.

1. Cong Tay Island

Cong Tay Island is always the first site chosen to visit when visitors come to Halong Bay. The island is located in the territory of Bai Tu Long Bay, about 40km from Bai Chay tourist wharf. Cong Tay Island is a part of the tour around Ngoc Vung Island.

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This island is a highlighted site because of the scenic setting of green forest and lime-stone mountains. Besides, the beach here is also very beautiful with quiet space and peaceful scenery.
Recently, the infrastructure on this island is upgraded and expanded with series of restaurants, guesthouses, and port to attract more visitors visiting the island.

2. Dau Be Island

The island lies in Halong Bay’s southeast, about 28km from Bai Chay cruise wharf. It is located about 500m from Hang Trai island to the east, covering an area of nearly 23.000 m2 with the highest peak of about 139 meters. What special about the island is that the steep island cliffs stand like the walls helping shield the island from the waves coming from the east into the Gulf.

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Dau Be Island is a famous destination among many Halong Bay attractions with well-known Ba Ham lake, which contains three main ocean basins linked to each other through a meandering narrow cave. Inside the cave, you will be impressed by the unique and strange shapes of huge stalactites hanging down from the cave’s ceiling. In addition, you also see many species of plants such as banyans, orchids, and palm trees as well as numerous different land animals and other various marine species including birds, golden monkeys, flying squirrels, bats on the island.
Indeed, Dau Be island is the best choice for adventure trip to discover with steep cliffs among many Halong Bay attractions.

3. Paradise Cave

Located on the south-west side of Halong Bay, about 4km from the wharf outside Ha Long City, Thien Cung is a well-known cave in the region. It is on the same island with Dau Go cave.

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The cave covers an area of 10,000 sqm and owns sophisticated interior structure, high ceiling and many floors. Coming into the cave, you will have the feeling as in the heavenly world because of the huge, unique, strange stalagmites and stalactites in different shapes and forms. Moreover, you will be impressed by the unreal beauty of the cave due to flows of stalagmites and stalactites, lively color, light and melodies of wind.

4. Surprise Cave

The cave is located in the middle of Halong Bay, inside the Bo Hon island. It is considered as the most fantastic site of Halong Bay attractions. Formerly the cave is known as “Grotto de la Surprise” and now it called by the shortened name “Surprise”, which used to describe the feeling of visitors when entering the cave the first time. Indeed, it is so “Amazing”, “wow” and “incredible”.

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A minuscule and narrow path will lead inside the cave. Certainly you will be overwhelmed by the inner space of the cave, which is favored by Mother Nature. The cave owns the airy, large space with impressive ceiling of unique stalactites. The floor is decorated with many rocks in different shapes of horse, elephant, to tree , flowers and leaves. Continue to discover further into the cave, you will see even more interesting shaped rocks. Some visitors even called it as Cave of Unfathomable Depth.

5. Ti Top Island

This is a well-worth place to visit and relax in your Halong travel, especially as a wonderful stop of cruising on Halong Bay. In the French colonial period, Ti Top Island was called as Cat Nang island, situated to the East of Halong Bay, far away 14km from Bai Chay.

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Visiting of the island, visitors not only enjoy the stunning sceneries but also experience at the beautiful same name beach, Ti Top beach. The beach is a fantastic one for relaxing, especially in the summer thanks to the fresh air, smooth white sandy beach and clean water. Thus the beach always welcomes large visitors annually on the special occasions and summer vocations.

Here also very develops tourist services to serve visitors such as high standard hotels, resorts, souvenir shops, restaurants, and life-buoy renting, kayak, skydiving facilities.

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