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Halong Bay Weather & Best Time to Visit Halong Bay

Learning about Halong Bay weather is always the first thing that visitors should plan before having a trip to this UNESCO World Heritage site to ensure a good journey.

Halong Bay Weather

Halong Bay Weather & Best Time to Visit Halong Bay

The World Heritage Area of Halong Bay is located in the northern Vietnam, featuring with 4 different seasons. However, generally it is divided into two main seasons: cold dry winter and hot humid summer. So it depends on your preference to decide the best month to visit Halong Bay.

The period from November to March is the winter in Halong Bay with the cold weather and it is getting colder in January and February… so if you travel in this time, it is probably not a good ideal for swimming.

The period from May to early September is the summer in Halong Bay like other regions of the northern Vietnam. In this time of year, the bay is full of bright sunshine, which is very suitable for swimming under the clear blue sky. This time is also perfect for you to plan Vietnam family holidays.

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Sometimes, you will see a light rain in some days and even unexpected typhoon that can affect your schedule; even you might delay or cancel the trip. Temperature rises from 25 degree Celsius. Especially, you can have good deals with summer promotion rate in this period of time.

Spring lasts from March to May and Fall lasts from September to October, these seasons may be the best time to visit the bay. At that time, the weather is so cool and amazing. Especially from March to May (the best time of the year) with the chance of sunshine, you will have the wonderful time for relaxing and enjoying your holiday.

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Located in the North of the country, Halong Bay also features with chilly winter as well as gets colder in fall. However, there aren’t extreme weather patterns such as blizzards; it’s still a lousy place to be when it gets cold. As a new wonder natural of the world, Halong Bay welcomes millions of visitors all over the world. It is a favorite destination of many people all year around. Particularly if you travel in April with professional arrangement of  Vietnam private tours programs, you can see many festivals which are organized annually in Halong city.

Visiting of the bay in the fall and winter, you just have limited activities because it gets too cold. However, when the weather is good, you can go out in the bay on a junk, or a boat, and take a tour of the area. You can go swimming if you wish and kayaking or just explores the beauty of the area. Should bring and prepare along with a swim suit, some shorts and t-shirt, especially wear enough clothes to keep you comfortable.

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The period from August to November is the time of infrequent typhoons, so your cruise may be canceled or postponed. In this case, to ensure a safe holiday, you should contact to your agent for alternative solutions and in many cases, you can choose to stay one or two nights in a hotel on the mainland and then you can continue the cruise in the next sunny day. These storms just last in 2-3 days and take place about 3-4 times a year.

In short, you can visit Halong Bay all time of the year because each season Halong Bay owns different and unique beauty, which will bring you memorable vocation. Even though there will be some unexpected cases.

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