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Saving for Your Dream Vacation

You’ve been working long, hard hours all year long. Now it’s the summer time, and there are many places you’d like to see and experience! Do you want to go on an awesome vacation this year, but you’re not sure how to save the money to go? Here are 3 quick and easy tips to get you started on saving for the trip of your dreams!

First of all, you should set up a savings account through your bank. Most of us have a checking account, which we use to easily deposit and withdrawal funds. The beauty of a savings account, on the other hand, is that it helps you really think about touching the money in it, since it is not meant for easy, everyday use. You must consider wisely before withdrawing any funds from this account. Another easy measure to take is to call the account itself something personal and symbolic, like “Vacation Fund,” or “College Money.” This name will help you remember why you designated this money from the rest of your funds in the first place.

Next, plan a monthly budget! This will greatly assist you in knowing how much you spend on what, and where you can decrease your unnecessary spending. Many of us have unhealthy or unwise spending habits that we are not even aware of, like going out to eat too often, buying clothes and personal items, or spending too much on hobbies and games. All of these expenses can be cut out, so that you can save for an amazing vacation and experience you will never forget!

Lastly, shop well. This means being aware of sales and coupons, making a list of what you need from what store (along with an estimate of how much each item costs and what your total budget should be in each store), and not making impulsive purchases that you did not plan on. For instance, if you are a cigar smoker, you could check out JR Cigar for amazing deals and prices on the brands you love. Check out the sales that work for you, and shop accordingly!

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