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Things To Do in Boracay This Summer

After hunting cheap tickets prior almost a year for a tour to the Philippines, the next thing we did was to, yeah,… forget it because there was still a long time of waiting for packaging and traveling.

Boracay 1

A few months later, we made a reservation for the destinations we planned to visit and continued to count down to the date of travel. Many people start seeking information as well as booking room in advance but they fail in the end because of the huge number of tourists flocking into this dynamic country during summer travel season.

Having been excited at the trip for almost a year, unfortunately, we were disappointed with what we first approached at the border gate. Naia International Airport is small and offers various procedures. Moreover, Manila is covered with highways which does not enable it to have many spacious spaces. And, there is one thing that need to be mentioned that Manila Bay could not compare to Nha Trang Beach or Ha Long Bay despite the fact that it features hundreds of luxury sailboats and yachts.

Boracay 2

However, the domestic flight to Boracay helped us quickly forget the first impressions. When the plane was still on the way of landing at Caticland airport, we were overwhelmed by the vast blue ocean and immense forests. Those unveiled clues of the picturesque Borocay Island promised to provide tourists with a wonderful summer vacation. It is for the main reason that Boracay is the most famous island out of 7,107 islands in Philippines despite the fact that it is the smallest one.

Stretching over an area of seven kilometers, even the narrowest point is less than a kilometer wide, Boracay Island is at top- ranked the most charming and attractive islands in the world. Furthermore, websites and travel guides named it one of the « must – visit » destination that foreign travelers must step onto at once throughout your life.

A bustlling Buracay

Boracay 3

The most important area of the island is White Beach, divided into three parts, namely Station 1, Station 2 and Station 3. Among them, Station 2 is highly recommended by tourists. Stepping onto the beach, we decided to stay in a small resort nestled behind rows of shady coconut trees and offering a pretty sea view. It is bustling with restaurants and bars of various architectural styles. Traveling further, you might see sprouting resorts and eyes – catching souvenir shops offering a variety of unique handmade items.

If you traveling by yourself, you will not feel alone because of the bustling atmosphere regardless of the sunny afternoon or the cool late evening. Interestingly, you can participate in at least one beach activity depending on your hobby, from funny games to adventurous experiences. Thus, you might definitely enjoy your single travel. Sounds amazing!.

Boracay 4

After taking prices into consideration, we decided to choose the diving service priced at 3,000 peso (70$) at a reputable service center. Up until now, we still do not believe that a non – professional swimmer can dive into the bottom of the ocean to admire and explore colorful coral reefs of unique shapes and swim with the colorful Nemo fish. It can be seen as one of the most unforgettable experiences during our memorable trip to this amazing island.

After a whole day of exploring the wonderful ocean, we decided to treat ourselves a big feast once in our life by renting a boat to travel around the sea and greet the charming sunset. We lie leisurely on the net firmly connected to both sides of the boat to fully pick up the fresh air of the sea and indulge ourselves into the immense nature at the same time. We were overwhelmed by the scene that whole island was bathed by the golden sun at sunset. It was such a heart – melting scenery that we wondered whether it was real or not. How amazing!

Boracay 5

When the island is shimmering with lights, it will undergo the most dynamic time of the day. It starts with bustling restaurants offering various kinds of fresh seafood and the tasteful and fragrant local dishes. It also captures the attention of tourists with a chain of souvenir shops with eyes – catching items. Additionally, Flashmob or fire dance performances taken place right on the beach also contribute to the own attraction of the island. More importantly, sea – view bars featuring wonderful « live « performances flocked with tourists.

We had dinner at a seafood restaurant with tasteful grilled fish, shrimp, squid, crab, that are good enough to tease our taste bubs. If you want to enjoy kinds of seafood that you like, you might buy them at the seafood market and bring them with you to a restaurant. After a few minutes, you could definitely have a big feast of seafood at a reasonable price. It would be such a wonderful experience of enjoying gentle melodies and beautiful voice of native singers while savoring dinner. The Philippines has many talented singers and musicians who are both nationally and internationally famous. Thus, watching live performances of these artists is also a memorable experience during your trip to this amazing country.

A peaceful and tranquil Boracay Island

Boracay 6

The next day, we visited Tulo Mountain by a rented a tricycle (homemade tricycles). Standing at the peak of the mountain, we could definitely hold panoramic views of the immense trees and forests covering the whole island. It is said that the Boracay government managed the height of construction works which is must be lower than that of surrounding trees. Therefore, the island has been preserving and conserving green coconut palms and majestic primeval forests that make it cool throughout the year.

The tourists who took part in rope sliding from the top of Tulo mountain, accidentally discovered an unspoiled beach. Everything seems to be peaceful and tranquil thanks to the coconut trees heading to the sea, small and rustic shops and restaurants, and romantic sails floating at the middle of the turquoise blue sea. Thus this uninhabited beach is undoubtedly an ideal destination for those who love indulging themselves into the charming untouched nature and stay away from the hustle and bustle of the urban life at the same time.

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