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Top 5 Best Places to Shopping Jakarta

Jakarta is considered to be Indonesia’s largest shopping mall with numerous shopping malls and unique markets. Here are 5 shopping malls ideal for travelers exploring the capital of the “island country”.

Plaza Indonesia

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Plaza Indonesia is located just below the Grand Hyatt. There are clothing stores of world famous brands such as Debenhams, Milano, Guuci or Versace … There are also jewelry shops, bookstores, souvenir shops, medicine , Flowers, interior decoration … In addition, the center also has travel agents and restaurants.

Plaza Senayan

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Plaza Senayan is a high-end shopping mall located in central Jakarta and just minutes away by car from the Semanggi area is easily accessible. Plaza Senayan offers a variety of shops with quality food and service, as well as the capital’s favorite shopping destination. The ground floor of the shopping mall is designed with different stores, while the second floor is dedicated to the fashion booth, the third floor for food and entertainment.

Pasaw Rawa Belong Flower Market

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Pasar Rawa Belong Market is a center for all kinds of flowers and plants in Jakarta. Here you can find many kinds of flowers and plants, from local flowers such as orchids, roses, jasmine to imported flowers such as tulip, lily, … Activity at Pasar Rawa Belong Market is divided into 2 types: from 2h – 6h are fresh flowers from Subakumi and Bandung, West Java. From 16pm to 21pm, you will see the fresh flowers of the farmers from Sumatra.

Jalan Surabaya

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Jalan Surabaya is a well-known antique and handicraft fair located in the heart of the vibrant Menteng area of Jakarta. Here, many antique shops in succession with a vast variety of rich and varied from porcelain, wood sculpture, mask, with materials made of silver and copper, … The best time to Jalan Surabaya is in the morning or afternoon. If you do not intend to buy, you can visit the antique area and be sure to walk around the shops after a walk around the shop, to see the antique items you will understand more about the culture, history of the country.

Artha Gading

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Artha Gading Shopping Center is based on the famous “Silk Road” image. Here you can see the famous wonders of the world. The center is divided into Nusantara Atrium, Paris Atrium, Italy Atrium, China Atrium, India Atrium, Persia Atrium and Millenium Atrium. Each zone is decorated in a unique style. We sell a wide range of products: electronics, clothing, shoes, cosmetics ..

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