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Tourists Places in Uong Bi on the Way to Halong Bay

The city of Uong Bi in Quang Ninh province is one of the attractive places to many tourists. Uong Bi possesses a very beautiful natural landscape, making its ancient temples more remarkable. If you knew the must-see places in Saigon, Hanoi and other provinces, here are some fun places in Uong Bi that you can not ignore when visiting the city.

1. Yen Tu Mountain

The first location in Uong Bi that you should visit is Yen Tu mountain. Yen Tu Mountain, also called Holy Mountain, is a very famous scenic place in Uong Bi. This is considered a symbol of Buddhism in the country, is the birthplace of Truc Lam Zen – established by the Buddhist Emperor Tran Nhan Tong . The combination of majestic temples, towers with magical natural beauty has made an unforgettable Yen Tu in the soul of everyone who comes here.

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2. Ba Vang Temple

Ba Vang Temple is the largest and the oldest temple in the city of Uong Bi. Located at an altitude of over 1000m, Ba Vang Temple is like a true paradise with quiet spacious atmosphere as well as the purity and peace which will make you forget all your troubles and worries to be immersed in scenes and people of the land. Therefore, Ba Vang Temple is a good place in Uong Bi that we recommend you to add to your list.

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3. Yen Trung Lake

This is the largest lake in the city of Uong Bi. It’s quite little known though not far from the highway. When arriving here, the first thing attracting you is a vast blue space of the lake, ripples roll on like they are playing with the breeze. Surely it will make you feel relaxed. Take a stroll around the lake and enjoy the wonderful weather in Yen Trung Lake is certainly a must-do in such a great place.

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4. Hang Son Cave Temple

Hang Son Temple is located on Chu Coc Mountain. This unique temple is situated in the cave of Hang Son which is very large, so it is called Hang Son Cave Temple. This sacred temple was the place where national hero Tran Hung Dao gave thanks to the god after expelling the Chinese – Mongolia from our country. Because the temple was built in a natural cave, when entering the temple, you will be surprised to witness the stalactites with a lot of amazing shapes, and they are more and more beautiful along with the time. Hang Son Temple brings us a strangely tranquillity, quietness and purity.

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