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The Most Beautiful Paradise Beaches in Philippines

1. Boracay

Tourists must be overwhelmed by the vast blue ocean and immense forests right they step onto the amazing Boracay island. As one of the most famous island out of 7,107 islands in Philippines despite the fact that it is the smallest one, Boracay is undoubtedly an ideal destination for your summer vacation.

Stretching over an area of seven kilometers, even the narrowest point is less than a kilometer wide, Boracay Islet is always top ranked most charming and attractive islands in the world. Furthermore, websites and travel guides named it one of the « must – visit » destination that foreign travelers must step onto at once throughout your life.

Additionally, the island offers a variety of conveniences, such as restaurants, clubs, private and luxury resorts, bustling shopping malls, bars, etc. Thus, you definitely feel free to enjoy your vacation on this stunning islet.

Beaches in Philippines 1

Ways of travel:

By airway: Some domestic airlines does not offer flights to Boracay via Caticlan or Kalibo transit. Therefore, you will have to take transit flights to Boracay.

By seaway: Get on a ferry to Caticlan from the local ferry dock, then, to Boracay.

2. Coron

Located in Palawan, Coron Beach is one of the most stunning beaches of Philippines. Tourists will definitely be overwhelmed by the picturesque scenery like that was shot on the famous science fiction film named Avatar right they set foot in the beach. Featuring turquoise blue sea water and colorful corals reefs of unique shapes, Coron beach pledge to afford a “full” relaxation for visitors.

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Ways of traveling:

By airway: From Manila, you caught a domestic flight to Busuanga (about 45 minutes), then take a bus to Coron beach.

By seaway: Get on the ferry to Palawan.

3. El Nido

Located in the northwest of Palawan province, 430 km from Manila and 238 km from Puerto Princesa, El Nido Bay was entitled the « Land of Dragons » because of the majestic landscapes formed by limestones of various sizes and shapes. These rocks, scattering across the sea, combine to form a stunning ecotourism complex. Additionally, El Nido is attractive with smooth sandy beaches, crystal blue sea water, majestic mangrove forests and mysterious caves. Most significantly, El Nido seized the title of the best paradise island in Philippines.

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Ways of traveling:

By plane: Board a direct flight from Manila to El Nido of Seair Airline.

By ferry: Get on a ferry to El Nido in Palawan ferry dock.

4. Đảo Panglao

Pangalao goes into the list of top “must – visit” islands in Philippines. Featuring a smooth sandy beach, turquoise blue sea water, and rows of coconut trees swaying in the wind, the island is doubtedly an ideal destination for those who love to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the urban life to immerse in the charming sea.

Beaches in Philippines 4

Ways of travel:

By airway: From Manila, you caught a domestic flight to Tagbilaran (about an hour and 15 minutes)

By seaway: From Cebu, you might take a ferry to Panglao

5. Siargao

Situated in Surigao province, Siargao has been entitled the paradise of surfing in Philippines. Characterized by averagely high blue waves, the beach enables athletes to own a sense of exciting adventure. The ideal season for surfing is between August and September.

Beaches in Philippines 5

Way to go to Siargao

By Airway: From Manila, you might take a domestic flight to Siargao by AirPhil Express Airlines or Philippine Airlines.

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