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Explore 5 Best Attractions in Chinatown Singapore

Located within the Outram district right in the center area of Singapore, Chinatown Singapore is a sharp contrast to the rest of the city, with low- rise buildings and culture bursting out onto the streets. This is an area that is proud of its heritage and has it very much on display. This « never – sleep » town has long been named the « bargain hunter ‘s paradise », in which you can find all sorts of stuff from Chinese herbs to imitation goods. Moreover, deeply immersed in the Oriental culture, heritage, and history, Chinatown is undoubtedly one of the most famous tourist attractions in Singapore.

Red Dot Design Museum

The Red Dot Design Museum is situated in an impressive building of colonial architecture, which was once served as the headquarters of the Singapore Traffic Police.

Located right in the heart of the Red Dot Traffic Building, the museum exhibits all of the relics of the contemporary design and architecture.

The museum is also chosen to hold events and awards for the most creative, innovative and unique designs. Noticeably, the building offers bars and restaurants, in which visitors can take some food and drink, or even relax after attending exhibitions.

Chinatown Singapore

Being named « bargain hunter’s paradise », Chinatown is undoubtedly an ideal destination for all shoppers, including those who do « window shopping », and particularly for those who are real « foodaholic ». Get there, you definitely have a chance to find all of things, from traditional crafts to trending fashion and jewelry at more than 200 stalls running along Pagoda, Trengganu and Sago Streets. Significantly, these products might be new or second hand. Additionally, you should definitely give Chinatown a try to savor tasteful and fragrant dishes of Chinese recipes. They promise to stir up your appetite with a mouthful. Chinatown district is prominently bustling and hustling during the days of traditional festivals such as the Lunar New Year, when the inhabitants perform the mazing traditional lion dance, dragon dance, martial arts, operas and stilts. They promise to satisfy your « thirst » of culture and festival’s admiration and exploration.

Thian Hock Keng Pagoda

Chinatown Singapore 6

Thian Hock Keng Temple, built by fishermen and the Fujian community in Singapore in 1839, is where to express their gratitude the mother nature for safe sea voyages. The temple was once served as a harbor before the local authority carried out city planning. Entering this sacred temple, visitors would probably admire and explore outstanding architecture of the traditional southern China style, which features three main materials, namely stone, tile and wood. Addtionally, Thian Hock Keng temple is distinctly charecterized by sophisticated sculptures in the shape of the dragon and phoenix, which are all perfectly assembled without using of any nails.

Singapore City Gallery

If you do not spend much time visiting Sentosa, Sky Tower or the Singapore Flyer, you might definitely make a visit to Singapore City Gallery. It promises to satisfy your “thirst” of admiring and exploring the city’s architecture and design.

Chinatown Singapore 7

Located in the Chinatown area, the gallery exhibits exquisite and refined architectural patterns and styles that illustrate Singapore’s familiar tourist attractions. Therefore, visitors have chance to see destination.

Offering more than 30 exhibits, the gallery definitely enables visitors to better understand how Singapore addresses with the planning conundrum of a thriving city. Additionally, you might take a closer look at the most famous buildings in Singapore and explore the urban planning process in this country.

Baba House

Chinatown Singapore 8

The Baba relic house, which belonged to a Peranakan family in 1920s, is the only of its kind that preserved the unique “intact” furniture of the Peranakan culture.

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