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The Queen Cable Car in Halong Bay, Vietnam

In your journey of Halong travel, you should try the double-deck cable car here, which brings you the whole view of the attractive scenery on Halong Bay from above.

cable car in halong bay

After 2 years of construction, the queen cable car in Halong Bay was inaugurated and officially started to operate in the afternoon 25th June. The system is a part of the project of 6.000 billion dong scale, which stretches along the Bai Chay coast to Ba Deo hill (Hon Gai).

The tower on Bai Chay is 188.8m tall, which is also the tallest one in the world. Another one is 133m tall on Ba Deo hill.

cable car in halong bay 2

The system is a double-deck cable car which can accommodate 230 passengers / cabin.

cable car in halong bay 6

Inside the cabins are seats, handles, and grab rails for visitors. The cable runs on the way of 2.2km above the Halong Bay with two 190-meter-tall pylons.

cable car in halong bay 4

Cabin is operated according to intelligent control system so it is only departed when receiving twice times of green light from four technicians of two control rooms.

cable car in halong bay 5

Cabin of the cable car will depart from the first point in Bai Chay Ward (Halong City), running at Cua Luc Bay to the peak of the Ba Deo hill (Hong Gai Ward). You will have 5-minute for sightseeing the attractive scenery of the bay in each turn.

Inside cabin, you will have the whole view of Halong city. This is photo of Bai Chay bridge spanning two cities over Cua Luc Bay when cabin runs across.

cable car in halong bay 8

Arrival station of cable car is the entertainment center, in which Sun Wheel on the hilltop of Ba Deo is the most interesting game.

Sun Wheel here is considered one of the highest one in the world, located at the height of 215m above the sea level.

cable car in halong bay 10

Also it is one of the two largest wheels in Vietnam at the present. The other one is at the Asia Park in Danang city.

cable car in halong bay 9

The cabin wheel can accommodate up to a total of 6 passengers and takes an average of 15-20 minutes to complete one rotation.

cable car in halong bay 7

After get to the hilltop of Ba Deo, you can have whole view of Bai Chay bridge, Cai Lan port, Hon Gai and Halong city on the other side of the bay.

cable car in halong bay 3

Sun Wheel will become more sparkling when the city lights up. The price is 300.000VND (13.55 USD) for adult, 200.000VND (9.03 USD) for children under 1.3m tall and free for children under 1m tall (included package of cable car, sun wheel, and entertainment area on Ba Deo hill).

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