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Nusa Dua – Everything You Need to Know about Nusa Dua Beach

One time casually read the article online saying Kuta is not the “muse” of Bali (Indonesia), Kuta is definitely not, but I wondered who or what in Bali is the muse?

Nusa Dua 1

Speaking of Bali paradise island, in addition to the temple, culture, we must mention the beach. The famous beaches are located in the southern tip, near the capital Denpasar.

The “muse”

Located about 40km from the capital of Bali and just 20 minutes drive from Kuta, Nusa Dua is like a girl with beauty and haughty. In fact, anyone can find their own dream road to roam, sunbathe or sit indifferently under the trees on the sand, listening to the sound of the surf on the shore.

The beaches of Nusa Dua are usually deserted, quiet and rustic. Clear water, small waves, safe swimming and suitable for paddling instead of surfing – a popular sport that many tourists love to visit Bali.

Nusa Dua 2

On the map, Nusa Dua is located on the east side of Bali, stretching south and protruding into the sea as if two crabs were holding water in their laps. On the two crab legs protruding, green trees are luxuriant, cool and gentle.

On the crooked curves along the coast, people jog, bike, skateboard, slowly enjoy life every moment.

We decided to visit a large cafe on the sand. The “pirate boat” cafe seems to be stranded with lovely looking dots, bamboo houses dangling on the trees like birds’ nests, straw huts arranged like camps, creating private space. And romantic for the customer.

Nusa Dua 3

After snorkeling under blue water, people come to the shore to drink a glass of coconut milk, eat ice cream cool and enjoy some typical local dishes.

Beaches are always open

If Kuta, Leigian on the southwest is the beach of the bar, restaurant, shop, noisy and disturbing, then Sanur with Nusa Dua on the southeast attracts visitors with gentle beauty and dreaming. .

Many people rated Nusa Dua as the top beach in Bali probably not wrong compared to other beaches have been explored tourism on this island and on a comparable scale.

It is a beautiful beach with long, sandy white sand under the blue sky and a series of luxury and luxury resorts are friendly and environmentally friendly. For the first time here, we were overwhelmed by the sophistication and charm of coastal resorts.

Nusa Dua 4

Instead of participating in games such as running a motorbike, playing paragliding, riding a sailboat or even learning a basic surfing course, we chose a tent in the sand for reading, listening to music and watching a glorious Nusa Dua in dazzling blue.

Nusa Dua is well-planned with a very good infrastructure: sand, grass, trees, flowers, urban streets and coastal trails, innumerable hotels and restaurants arranged reasonably, creating a peaceful and friendly space for the beach.

However, despite careful investment and care, the beaches are not “closed” and there is a discrimination of use, any person has the right to swim, walk or play. Therefore, not only tourists but local people benefit.

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