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Sumba Island – The Hidden Jewel of Indonesia

The island nation of Indonesia is not only beautiful Bali paradise, but also many pristine but exciting islands.

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Located in the Nusa Tenggara archipelago, only about an hour’s flight from Bali, Sumba brings the beauty of tranquility, making anyone surprised to find it.

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Sumba Island is about twice as large as Bali but almost separate from urban development. All amenities on the island are limited to concrete concretes to the lowest. Sumba is famous for its Tarimbang Bay – located on the eastern side of the island, enchanting for surfers and scuba divers. Not crowded and noisy, you can enjoy the game in your own natural setting. Tarimbang is a beautiful boulder bays, with many cliffs of strange shapes in the sea and coral reefs. .

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The beach is green and very clean. In the middle of a fine white sand, there is a dry tree that many visitors choose to take pictures. The Sumba Island is also famous for the world’s best resort, Nihiwatu. Guests of the resort can enjoy their stay on Nihiwatu beach with stretches of white sand, few people living, clear blue water and peaceful atmosphere. Nihiwatu Beach is considered one of the most beautiful sunset spots in Indonesia.

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This hotel has 28 villas decorated in different styles, overlooking the sea. There is also a private pool, a spa on the top of a tree, a horse riding area and a beach restaurant that serves the best meals. Rest in the midst of nature, enjoy sunrise at the sea or watch the stars when the night falls are the things that visitors will experience when coming here. Surfing is a game that most favorite by many visitors traveling to this island.

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Weekuri Lake in the East Nusa Tenggara, Sumba Island is the preferred destination. The unique point of Weekuri Lake is the salty water seeped directly from the sea, surrounded by high mountains and only a few meters from the sea by a cliff. Standing on the cliffs, visitors can see a whole sea and deep green mountains.

This lake is quite shallow and fresh thanks to closed, no exploitation, human trade so visitors are allowed to swim freely, immersed in clear water. The mountain road to the lake has a lot of greenery, tropical grasslands, but this place is quite strange because no animals livtheree.

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In addition to the ocean, Sumba Island also has large mountains and fields with fertile vegetation. Guests can try climbing, camping overnight to see the stars and enjoy the taste of the sea blowing.

The current movement of the people here is mainly horses. So, if you want to try out on large grasslands or strolling around the coast, you can rent a horse and get advice from local people. The dry season in Sumba Island lasts from May to November and rainy season from December to April, visitors should note the appropriate time to visit this place.

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If you want to experience the Pasolo Festival, go to Sumba in the last days of February. The festival takes place at the beginning of the season, the beginning of the ceremony and the entourage will be on the shore of the sacred prayers divine. The form of the Marapu faith. Here, they kill a sacrilege chicken, then use the chicken heart to guess the message, if all goes well, they will plunge into the sea to assemble. The centerpiece of the festival is the men’s javelin launch. The festival is a chance for them to create a balance between things, so any Sumba whoever goes anywhere strives to return home on Pasolo.

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