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Top 10 Street Food You Must Try in Johor Bahru

Running along the Malaysian and Singaporean borders, surrounded by both charming seas and majestic mountains, Johor Bahru is considered as the « pearl » of Malaysia. In addition, Johor Bahru promises to give tourists unforgettable experiences with a series of entertaining and shopping centers and numerous kinds of street food.

Here are 10 tasteful street foods recommended by Ladyironchef (tourism website) that you should definitely give them a try if you travel Johor Bahru.

1. Apom Balik

Johor Bahru 1

The tasteful and fragrant Apom Balik cake is made from sticky rice flour with the filling of corn, egg, and other ingredients. Thanks to the crispy wrapping and sweet fragrant filling, just give it a try, this cake definitely teases your taste bubs by releasing a wonderful flavor in your mouth.

2. Grilled Squid

Johor Bahru 2
You can feel free to savour the « mouth – watering » grilled squid of a reasonable price when travelling Johor Bahru because it is offered in all food stalls on the street. To create a better taste, this snack is often served with chili sauce. Thus, this promises to stir up your appetite with the mouthful.

3. Chee Cheong Fun

Johor Bahru 3

Chee Cheong Fun is somehow similar to the steamed rice rolls in restaurants in Dim Sum or bars in Singapore. However, of course, it still has distinguishing features. It has thin wrapping and rich filling of shrimps, Cha Xiu or even beef. This dish is usually accompanied by soybean sauce (Chinese origin) and pinched sesame on the top. The price for each portion is about RM5.

4. Chwee Kueh

Johor Bahru 4

Chwee Kueh is simply made from rice flour and water, then steamed on a small tin cans. The top layer of the cake is fried radish and chili paste, which is very popular in Singapore and Malaysia as a snack. A Chwee Kueh box (including 5 pie) is priced at 4RM.

5. Chai Tow Kway

Johor Bahru 5

The Kway Towel is made from steamed white radish and rice flour. Then they fry it with eggs and decorate with green onions. A portion of Chai Tow Kway costs 4 RM.

6. Muah Chee

Johor Bahru 6

The main ingredients of Muah Chee are sticky rice flour and peanuts. But the point is that is one of the most favourite snacks of children thanks to the crispy fragrant wrapping. A Muah Chee box is priced at about 3RM.

7. Assam Laksa

Johor Bahru 7
Assam Laksa is so popular that you can find it throughout the streets of Johor Bahru. This tasteful snack is made from fresh crunchy noodles, mixed in broth of sour fish soup featuring a local ingredient called Assam (tamarind). A bowl of Assam Laksa is priced at 4 RM.

8. Smelly Chinese (stinky) tofu

Johor Bahru 8
The stinky tofu is actually a notoriously fermented tofu. It is a popular snack, usually fried and served with chili sauce. Of course, its smell is not pleasant at all. A box of rotten tofu costs 4 RM.

9. Teochew Kueh

Johor Bahru 9

Kueh serves as a dessert in Asian countries. The main ingredient of this dish is rice flour or sticky rice flour, which is very familiar to the cuisine of the Southeast Asian region. Furthermore, the main processing method is to steam or boil. Teochew Kueh will be made in different recipes depending on locals’ taste for food. In Malaysia, particularly, the most popular one is yam cake priced at 5 RM per box.

10. Ramly Burger

Johor Bahru 10

Ramly Burger is a famous Malaysian burger featuring a variety of local ingredients. Noticeably, its filling includes beef or chicken beef with cabbage, peppers, tomato sauce, margarine, eggs and soy sauce, etc.

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