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Top 5 Zoos in Singapore Make Kids Like

The zoo in Singapore is not only a place to visit wildlife, but also has interactive experiences such as feeding animals and eating with them.

Singapore Zoo

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With more than 2,800 species of animals from all over the world, children can immerse themselves in the wilderness and enjoy the fun. It’s about interactive animal shows like Animal Friends Show, elephants at work and play. In the Frozen Tundra, she can also be very close to the Inuka polar bears, cats and minkos, or see the orangutans playing in the free living environment here.

The “Elephants of Asia” area is where your baby can visit the largest mammal on land and see their clever show. Stepping into the forest “Fragile Forest”, the baby will be welcome by mischievous lemurs and. Observe animals when they are most active during the meal, and they will have the opportunity to feed themselves. There is also a “Breakfast with wildlife” to help children and families have memorable meals.

River Safari

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Stepping into Asia’s first and only river-themed zoo and aquarium park, visitors will encounter more than 5,000 terrestrial and aquatic animals. This is also where she discovered eight famous rivers and encountered rare giant aquatic animals such as otters, salamanders and giant Mekong catfish. Walking through the fresh water showroom and entering the exhibition, the whole family can learn about unique wildlife in the water environment. There are also two giant friendly and lovely panda Kai Kai and Jia Jia.

Night Safari

It is the world’s first night zoo and the 9th most visited travel experience award in Singapore. Walking around the park, the children can watch over 1,000 animals of 115 species that are eating grass and hunting in their natural habitat throughout the 40-hectare park. Not only do the tour, the entire family can join the Gourmet Safari Express gourmet meal experience and enjoy the tram ride through eight geographic regions.

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The most attractive is the Creatures of the Night and the 30-minute performance. The animal stars will definitely make the audience surprised about their fighting and survival. After that, the family will take a tour around the landscapes of animals such as lions, tigers, tapirs and many other species in 35 minutes.

Jurong Bird Park

As a home to 5,000 feathered individuals of 400 species, the Jurong BirdPark has one of the largest bird collections in the world. The main attractions not to be missed in this 20.2 acre bird paradise include Bird Discovery Center, African Waterfowl Bird Park, Lory Loft Parrot, Southeast Asian Bird Park and African Wetlands.

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Here, the baby will see the eye-catching spectacle with spectacular winds of eagles, eagles and giant hawks. To learn the royal eagerness of the past, your family will see how to nurture, teach, fly and control this mysterious predator.
At the world’s largest Lory Flight parrot, she will have the opportunity to feed the parrots directly on her hands and chat with them on her shoulder.

S.E.A. Aquarium

S.E.A. Aquarium is located on the island of Sentosa, known as the world’s largest aquarium – which houses more than 100,000 marine species of 800 species.

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Your child can watch more than 200 kinds of sharks or watch the big rays and eels. The central area of the aquarium in Singapore is a “giant fish tank” made up of the world’s largest glass panel with a width of 36m, 8.3m high. Through the transparent glass system, the baby can watch the shark, dolphin and other strange species.

In addition, families can experience dinner at the Ocean Restaurant, surrounded by sea creatures swimming wildly. The menu includes seafood prepared according to the requirements of customers.

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