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Top 14 Beautiful Paradise Beaches in Bali

If you travel the paradise island, Bali, you should definitely give these beautiful beaches a try. It vows to satisfy your « thirst » for sea exploration and nature beauty admiration.

Amed Beach

Beaches in Bali 1

Nestled in the east of Bali Island, Amed Beach has long been famous for the black sand followed by the influence of volcanic lava. Additionally, the beach grasps the eyes of tourists with colorful coral reefs of unique shapes that could be seen as the paradise of those who are engrossed with coral diving and sea exploration.

Balangan Beach

Beaches in Bali 2

Featuring stretching smooth sandy beach, surrounded by steep cliffs and high waves, Balangan beach is without dispute a paradise for those who are deep into surfing.

Balian Beach

Beaches in Bali 3

Featuring the black sand, Balian beach is an ideal destination to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the paradise island. This is also a great place to sip a glass of beer and watch the charming sunset at the end of the day. How amazing!

Bias Tugal Beach

Beaches in Bali 4

To reach the charming Bias Tugal beach, tourists have to cross the tough road of rocks. However, it definitely deserves your try because you can enjoy the exhilarating scenery of pristine blue sea water, the stretching smooth sandy beach, and rows of coconut trees shadowing on the soft white sand.

Bingin Beach

Beaches in Bali 5

Surrounded by steep cliffs, the stunning Bingin beach is so blue that you see through the bottom. Visiting the beach, tourists might go camping to admire the charming nature and stay at or villa to enjoy their promising – wonderful trip to this amazing beach. Give it a try!

Green Bowl Beach

Beaches in Bali 6

The untouched Green Bowl Beach has long been famous for beautiful limestone caves, in which you can stay away from the hot weather of during these days.

Karma Beach

Beaches in Bali 7

Karma Beach has long been known as a private tourist spot of a resort. Non – guests of the resort still visit the beach but they have to pay a little money for the entrance charge, including fees for cocktails and beach benches.

Dreamland Beach

Beaches in Bali 8

Some of the tourists do not prefer Dreamland beach because of the dynamic development of high-end resorts. However, the beach has been capturing the attention of visitors thanks to the turquoise blue sea water and stretching soft white sand.

Jimbaran Beach

Beaches in Bali 9

Located in the Southwest of Bali island, Jimbaran beach has long been famous for luxury resorts such as Four Season resort and Intercontinental resort. Thus it’s a popular destination for both national and international tourists. It’s such a wonderful experience to savor fresh seafood for dinner on the beach because tourists could see waves kissing the shore, pick up the fresh sea breezes, and listen to romantic love songs. How amazing!

Kuta Beach

Beaches in Bali 10

The amazing Kuta Beach is just highly recommended to those who can swim well because of the deep beach, sandy dunes, and big wave. We were nearly swept away by the waves, but fortunately, we crawled up to the shore. However, it is an ideal destination for those who love surfing. Anyway, seeing young foreign guys surfing is… such an interesting thing.

Nyang Nyang Beach

Beaches in Bali 11

The picturesque Nyang Nyang beach is considered as one of Bali’s “mysterious pearl”. To set foot in the beach, tourists have to cross the trails, go through to be welcomed by the smooth sandy beach and the turquoise blue sea water. It’s definitely worth your try. Additionally, the beach does not offer any service because it’s still unspoiled. Thus, Nyang Nyang beach is undoubtedly an ideal destination for those who love to enjoy the untouched sea and stay away from the hustle and bustle of the urban life.

Padang Padang Beach

Beaches in Bali 12

If you are a big fan of the film named « Eat, pray and love », you could totally realize that Padang Padang Beach was shot on film, in which the main character, Julia Roberts met her lover. This charming beach is located near Uluwatu temple and surrounded by coconut trees, rock reef, and even monkeys. Therefore, it is a safe destination for swimming and surfing. Give it a try!

Sanur beach

Beaches in Bali 13

Situated in the west of Bali island, one the coastline of Sanur village, Sanur beach has been famous for beachside resorts. Most importantly, the beach is still « unspoiled ». It definitely provides tourists with the tranquil and peaceful atmosphere that is totally different from the hustle and bustle of the island.

Geger Beach

Beaches in Bali 14

Characterized by 5- star resorts, St Regis Bali and Mulia, for instance, Geger Beach promises to be an ideal destination for those who love indulging themselves into the turquoise blue sea water, engaging in scuba diving to explore the diverse marine life, or even, experiencing golf. Significantly, when the sea is calm, tourists can definitely hire a kayak to explore the whole beach.

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