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Top Must-Try Malaysia Street Foods

The laksa noodles, rojak fruit salad or roti canai bread are the few in a range of street foods easy to find on the roads of Penang, Malaysia.

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Assam laksa: You can find this dish in the counter at Weld Quay – the quaint bustle of George Town, Penang. This is rice noodles cooked with fish and tamarind soup. In the bowl of noodles sprinkle a little more ginger, chili and chopped cucumber. The store serve diner both in the site with seats and take-away.

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Rojak: A rojak dish consisting of sliced fruit and squid, dough mixed with sweet black tart. Actually this is a traditional fruit salad, in Malaysian meaning “bold combination”. This dish can also be found at the assam laksa shop.

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Roti Canai: Roti Canai is a flat bread, easy to find in Jalan Transfer, a street of George Town. This dish is often eaten with curry as a breakfast. The Roti Canai restaurant usually has two chefs, one for the dough, the other for frying the dough in a large saucepan. When seeing them cooking, you will think about real drummer.

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Apom balik: This is a pancake-like cake but has its fillings inside. Aapric balik is cooked from corn, eggs and other ingredients and then rolling the outer crust to hold the fillings. Just bite a piece you can feel crispy outside and sticky inside. If you want to eat apom balik go to Tan Jetty in Penang.

Malaysia Street Foods 5

Batu Maung satay: In the evening, small streets like Lorong Baru are full of sidewalk and Batu Maung satay is also indispensable. This is skewers chicken, pig or beef grilled on the fire, eaten with cucumber and white onions (depending on customers).

Malaysia Street Foods 6

Koay chiap: To the Kimberly Street you will find much more lively in the daytime. The crowded, bustling place is probably the selling point. You will be served a bowl of sliced duck breast, mashed potatoes, cooked eggs, and a portion of rice noodles.

Malaysia Street Foods 7

Chee cheong fun: This dish is quite similar to rolls (rice noodles) in the dim sum line but there are still other points. In Penang, this dish also has a bit of spicy sauce, sweet black shrimp flavor and scoop. You can find this dish on Macalister Street, 10400 Penang.

Malaysia Street Foods 8

Lok lok: Padang Brown is one of the oldest seagull centers in Penang, which has existed for about 60 years. This area consists of two rows of food stalls. One of the favorites here is lok lok, which means dipping. This dish needs a hot pot in the middle, surrounded by plates of vegetables, beans, marinated seafood and skewers just to eat.

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