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Top 4 Best Cafes in Danang

Each cafe has a different design style but meet the requirements of “beautiful, unique, strange” for posters. If you are a Danang citizen or are planning to visit this “worth living city” in the upcoming Lunar New Year, then definitely you have to put 4 of these extremes café in the bucket list. The addresses of these cafes in Danang that we introduce are beautiful and they certainly will satisfy your passion for shooting “so deep” style!

1. Rustic Golem Cafe

Golem Cafe (Tran Quoc Toan Street) owns a small entrance, but when you step inside, you feel like you are lost in the space between poetic, strange nature. The cafe has 2 floors, the first floor is cozy, the second floor is airy with the scenery of “garden is so green as jade”.

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Furniture is mainly made of wood, from furniture, reflectors, doors, bookshelves in the house to garden swings, extremely diverse in design and color so it is not boring . If you want to return to the “grandparents’ time”, this is a leading place to experience and enjoy the fun time taking photo shots!

2. Unique SG Bros

Located on Phan Chu Trinh Street, SG Bros Cafe scores points with young people by its unique vintage style. The interior and the decorative items are all collected by the owner, some are even handmade items from old materials that are extremely hard to confuse with other places.

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The SG Bros space is quite spacious and airy, both inside and outside. The layout of each corner is delicate in harmony with the whole, almost in every corner you can find yourself a place to take pictures with friends. In addition, the drink in the restaurant is considered delicious, diverse, in addition, the unique tilting glass also special.

3. Romantic Mua Cafe

True to its name, Mua café (means Rain Café, on Phan Dang Luu Street) gives us a light, romantic feeling like … rain. The glass windows brighten with the sunshine glittering in summer days or blurred faint after every rain.

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The way to decorate the restaurant is light, tables and chairs are small, the wall is adorned with different shades of dark colors. You can stroll through the stone floor, rough cement flooring or ceramic tile with patterns from the 70s or watch the green garden with a beautiful aquarium in the middle. For those who love the stillness and nostalgic style of sadness as a quiet nook in the streets of ragged clouds, Mua is the most suitable destination.

4. Floating Cloud Garden Coffee

Located near Pham Van Dong beach, Cloud Garden (Chu Manh Trinh street) is an ideal dating spot for visitors as well as locals. The café with a floating feeling is like a beautiful “garden of clouds”, both indoor and outdoor space.

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The advantage of Cloud Garden is the airy space, due to the favorable location to welcome natural sea breeze. Whether you come to the cafe during the day or the evening, you can still feel the charm, especially the garden full of trees, green aquarium and beautiful scenery. The café can be compared as a small poetic “yard and sky” for the girl to shoot “so deep” photos as desired.

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