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Cu Lao Cau Island – A Wonderful Relaxing Paradise

This summer, try to get lost in a deserted island, where there are no modern facilities, in return you will enjoy nature with all the purest and freshest things. There is such a place called Cu Lao Cau or Cau Island.

Cu Lao Cau Island 1

Cau island is in Lien Huong Town, Tuy Phong District, Binh Thuan Province. The reason why this place is lesser-known by many people is that : there are not many tourist services and it is quite difficult to get to the island. However, once you arrive at Cau Island, you will not believe in your eyes with the clear sea water here.

Cu Lao Cau Island 2

Cau island is about 270km away deom Saigon, so the best option is to take the bus from Mien Dong Bus Station or De Tham. You will take 5 hours in the car, so you should book the car on Friday evening, and arrive in Tuy Phong at 5:00 am. Get out from the bus at Lien Huong crossroads, take a Mai Linh taxi to Lien Huong fishing port, where the boat departs. Here, you can go to the market to buy more food to eat on the island and take time for breakfast.

Cu Lao Cau Island 3

From the mainland to the island, it is only about 11 km but you will take over an hour to get to the island. The best boat at this moment, which is equipped with the full lifeboat carrying passengers to the island, is Song En with the price of 250,000 VND (10 USD)/ passenger / round trip. If you go in a big group, you should make a phone call in advance to Mr. Quang the ship owner to schedule a precise trip. However, before departure it is possible that land border guards will not allow boat to leave. All you have to do is wait patiently.

Cu Lao Cau Island 4

There are 3 things on the island you need to remember is Tu’s restaurant, border guard station and snake. Mr. Tu’s restaurant is the only restaurant on the island. You can order rice here at 120,000 VND (4.8 USD)/ person with 4 main dishes, if you want to eat more seafood you have to book in advance because it is not available in the island. Everything must be transported from the mainland. The shop sells drinking water and fresh water for bathing. There are also tent rentals for those who want to stay overnight.

Cu Lao Cau Island 5

When you come to Cau Island, you will be immersed in a true sea paradise: pristine and beautiful amazingly. The crystal clear water along with the stone making many interesting shapes. The island is not large, you just need a walk to explore all of the island. Around the island are consecutive green beaches, every beach is so attractive that you just want to jump down to soak in the water as long as possible.

Cu Lao Cau Island 6

The east of Cau Island is a hill covered with low grass and huge rocks piled on top of each other. Contrary to the beach on the other side with gentle wave, this side is impressive with strong waves beating into the stone all day long, forming a magnificent scene. This is also a good place to camp overnight, while catching the wind you can also enjoy the most beautiful sunrise on the island.

Cu Lao Cau Island 8

However, you should choose large places, avoid the bushes because you may encounter snakes. When the sun goes down to the sea, when the sky shines on you with the glitter of millions of stars, enjoy it with all your senses.
Cu Lao Cau has no electricity, no internet, everything is still new. Due to the island’s management of the border guards, all activities must be reported in advance and need authorization, including camping overnight. Also, whether day or night, Cau Island is beautiful in a very special way.

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