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Experience in Choosing Specialties When Travelling to Hanoi

Preparing yourself some special experience when traveling to at the weekend is a way for visitors to have a more complete trip. Hanoi is always the dream destination of many domestic and foreign tourists. It is home to many interesting sightseeing destinations and countless specialties. If you want to choose the best specialties of this land, visitors can refer to the article below:

Select specialty to enjoy in Hanoi

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Discovering the famous specialties of Hanoi is one of the indispensable in the journey of travel of anyone. Besides the famous specialties such as noodles, noodles, fried noodles, Hanoi La Vong fish rolls, bun cha, rolls are equally attractive. These dishes will contribute to make your dining experience richer.

Cha Ca La Vong

La Vong grilled fish is made from fresh fish or fish. After initial processing, this ingredient will be marinated and roasted on charcoal until golden is on both sides. When eaten, fish fillets will be stir fried together and scallions cut. The hot fish ball will be used together with tangled noodles, shrimp sauce and golden roasted peanuts. Information about the special experience when traveling in Hanoi on the weekend shows La Vong fish is one of the best specialties that tourists can choose to enjoy when coming to the capital.

Bun cha

Second dish visitors should try when coming to Hanoi is bun cha. This is a specialty that gives visitors an unforgettable feeling when tasted. Some of Hanoi noodles include white rice vermicelli, sweet and sour sauce, grilled chopped pork balls, pork pieces, raw vegetables. Many visitors who enjoy bun cha commented that although this is a simple look, but the taste of it is strange.

Banh cuon

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Banh cuon – roll cake is a popular dish for many of the capital’s residents and visitors. Famous for its unpretentious dishes but not quite sophisticated, Hanoi rolls are always a favorite of many travelers. With the sharing of experience of specialties when traveling to Hanoi, travelers can visit 66 To Hien Thanh, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi to enjoy the delicious rolls.

Select specialties as gifts in Hanoi

After the trip to Hanoi, visitors would probably want to buy a little bold substance Hanoi as gifts for loved ones. If you are not a connoisseur of Hanoi specialties purchased as gifts, visitors can refer to a few suggestions below.

Lotus tea

Travel Hanoi if you want to buy specialties as gifts for parents and grandparents, you can choose the West Lake. This is one of the most expensive and delicious tea in Hanoi that many visitors are looking for. To get good quality tea requires first class Thai Nguyen tea and process properly marinated. The lotus tea is not so special, but when you taste it, you will feel the essence of the lotus tea and the rich aroma of lotus.

Fresh dracontomelon

Dracontomelonis one of the fruits often appear in the dishes as well as drinks of the Hanoians. Travel Hanoi on the weekend, visitors can choose this kind of fruit has many uses as gifts. According to special experience when traveling Hanoi by month, in the main season, fresh dracontomelonwill cost from 20-30 thousand VND 1 kg, the off-season time will increase 4 to 5 times compared with normal.

Che lam cake

Hanoi 3

Che lam cakeis one of the national specialties to please anyone who can enjoy. This cake is made from natural ingredients such as burned powder of roasted sticky rice, ginger, sugar, malt, sesame, peanuts. The tea cake is known as the traditional specialties of the village of Thach Xa, Thach That, Hanoi. Visitors can choose this cake as a gift for those who like sweet food. Soft, delicious tea cake is suitable for use with hot tea.

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