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Explore Hanoi in The Evening

Hanoi – “the land of thousand years of civilization”, is one of the famous destinations with long history and culture of Vietnam. This place is not only beautiful in the day but also attractive at night. If there is a meeting with the capital, make a trip to Hanoi in the evening to give yourself a new experience and fun. At night, it’s even better when you walk around the streets, visit a few destinations and enjoy the taste of Hanoi.

Attractions in Hanoi in the evening

Hanoi with ancient and romantic beauty always has a great attraction for many tourists at home and abroad. If it is the first time to travel to Hanoi and do not know where to go in the evening, visitors can refer to the highlights such as:

Sword Lake (Hoan Kiem Lake)

Hanoi 1

The first stop that tourists can visit when traveling in the evening is Hoan Kiem Lake. This is one of the beautiful destinations and has many historical cultural meanings. As night falls, Sword Lake becomes shimmering by the colorful lights shining. This area is quite cool so it is usually crowded with tourists. Come to Hoan Kiem lake, visitors can walk around the lake, choose a few benches to rest and watch the lake with the beautiful night Hanoi.

Long Bien Bridge

Long Bien Bridge will be the next Hanoi tourist destination that tourists can visit sightseeing and walking. Sticking to the people of Hanoi over 100 years, Long Bien bridge has experienced many ups and downs of history. Not as fanciful as the other bridges, Long Bien bridge on the coat of gold rusty steel. However, this bridge is still a frequent destination with many visitors to visit. Coming to Long Bien bridge in the evening, visitors can stand cool, walk and watch the stream crossing on the bridge.

Royal City

Royal City is known as a commercial center, entertainment district underground in Hanoi. Situated in the heart of the city, Royal City is built in European style. This destination gives visitors a new experience of modern life with full facilities, clean and safe space. At Royal City, guests can take part in ice skating, bowling, water park exploration and relaxation in the cinema. To Royal City visitors will have the opportunity to visit the unique service area without having to buy entrance tickets.

West Lake

Hanoi 2

With an area of 500ha, West Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Hanoi. Here is one of the indispensable destinations in the journey of Hanoi tourists at night of many tourists. Every night, Hanoi people with many tourists back to West Lake stroll, enjoy the view and relax. To West Lake you can choose a small corner around the lake to be able to roam and chat with fellow travelers. If you are a follower of snacks, the area around West Lake is an ideal destination for visitors. There are many hotels, coffee shops, tea shops, ice cream parlors, ice cream parlors … Just take the time to visit the West Lake, to make sure to discover interesting.

Hang Buom Food Street

Hang Buom Food Street is one of the ideal addresses for those who want to have fun at night. This street is considered the epitome of a modern Hanoi, busy and crowded. Visiting Hang Buom food street, visitors will have the opportunity to discover many delicious food. From the traditional food of Hanoi to the strange gifts come from many countries around the world. Hang Buom Food Street is open from 19:00 to 24:00 on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. If you come to Hanoi on these days, you should not miss the chance to visit Hang Buom food street, one of the attractive nightlife spots. Guests can find more information about food street in the handbook article when traveling to Hanoi on the weekend.

Discover Hanoi cuisine at night

Besides visiting attractive nightlife destinations, guests can discover the gastronomic delights of the capital. Walk the streets of Hanoi at night and enjoy the famous food here, visitors will have a memorable journey. Travel Hanoi tourists can choose the delicious dishes such as:

Pho (noodle soup)

Anyone who wants to come to Hanoi once wants to enjoy pho, which has been associated with so many generations of capital. This dish has been mentioned in many articles. Visitors can enjoy pho anytime from early morning to late at night. Pho Hanoi attracts visitors by the sweet taste of broth, delicious beef, soft noodles. Most of the noodles in Hanoi are served quite fast, entered the restaurant less than 5 minutes later, visitors have a bowl of hot and fragrant pho.

Grilled nem chua

As one of the unique snacks in Hanoi, grilled nem chua always enjoys the capital of the capital as well as tourists near and far. Freshly baked spring rolls of noodles, bright pink with a slight sour taste, fatty smell bring to visitors a sense of enjoyment when the opportunity to enjoy. To make the dishes more attractive, when eating the grilled nem chua, you can add some chili paste. Come to Hanoi, if you want to enjoy delicious nem chua, please visit the grilled nem chua in Au Trieu and Thuy Khue street.


Porridge is a delicious food, very suitable for enjoying when traveling in the evening. In general, the porridge in Hanoi at night is always crowded. If you want to enjoy the delicious porridge you can visit the Cam Chi food market. There are many famous porridge and often serve late at night. There are also ribs and carts at Dong Xuan night market. The restaurant is open from 5 pm and more and more crowded night. Porridge here is attractive because of the smooth rice and sweet meat.

Yen’s sticky rice

Hanoi 3

It would be flawed to talk about the good nightlife in Hanoi without mentioning the Xoi Yen – Yen’s sticky rice. Each grain of sticky rice, green beans, fried onion, pate, chicken … makes so many people hardly refuse. Stop at Xoi Yen on Nguyen Huu Huan street, visitors can enjoy the delicious sticky rice with friends. The restaurant is open from 5am to 1pm to serve the needs of customers.

The visit to enjoy the delicious food will help you have a wonderful evening in Hanoi.

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