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Tips to Choose Excellent Dishes in Hanoi

Weekend is the time many people gather to have fun after a week of hard work. If you are wondering where to go for good food, you can refer to the article ” The tips about choosing specialty when travelling to Hanoi at the weekend” below.

Chicken leg salad

The chicken leg salad are made from vegetables, herbs, chicken legs, garlic, chili, seasoning … all are mixed up. Chicken legs taste sour, sweet but still retain the chewiness. Chicken legs are usually served with lemon sauce. Chicken legs are sold in Cua Bac street for about 35,000 dong (1.3 USD) a dish. If you come to Hanoi after the Tet (new year holiday), chicken leg salad is the right choice.

Bo Gia salad (Godfather salad)

Bo Gia salad is a famous restaurant serving delicious beef salad in Nguyen Trung Truc street. Guests will be impressed with the attractive full bowl of beef, viscera, stomach … all are seasoned and processed to ensure no bad smell. Especially the salad here is served with crispy fried garlic, which is unique feature that no restaurant has, and that the most special thing that makes the delicious, attractive taste of The Godfather salad. The cost here is quite cheap, about 20,000 VND a bowl (0.9 USD).

Dishes in Hanoi 1

Bo Gia salad is an idyllic specialty in Hanoi loved by young people

Dried beef salad

With the simple name, dry beef salad is simply made from dried pieces of beef mixed with many materials such as green papaya, herbs, sweet and sour sauce, roasted peanut… The salad is sold in many places, but most famous is the restaurant in Hoan Kiem Lake area. It only costs 35,000 VND (1.3 USD) a bowl and is a favorite food for young people after Tet holiday.

Jelly fish and dried beef salad

According to the “what to eat when traveling in Hanoi by month”, visitors should not miss the jelly fish and dried beef salad when traveling in Hanoi in February, March. Jelly fish and dried beef salad is sold in Dang Tran Con Street, favoured by many customers thanks to the chewy crispy jelly fish and the spicy characteristics of dried beef. The special thing that makes Jelly fish and dried beef salad special is the red jellyfish from Hai Phong to have a crunchy and sweet taste. Price ranges from 30,000 to 50,000 VND (1.2 to 2 USD).

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