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Trekking in the Forest in Cat Ba National Park

Trekking through the jungle to the wild Viet Hai fishing village in Cat Ba National Park will be the ideal adventure for this summer.

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Guests can charter a boat from Ben Beo port to Viet Hai fishing village, or walk in 5 hours through the forest in Cat Ba National Park, Hai Phong.

Cat Ba National Park covers an area of 26,240 hectares. To start the trip, you should buy tickets at the National Park. There are two options for you to choose from. Stage 1: From the entrance of the forest to Ao Ech (Frog Pond) which is 4 km long. The fare costs 40,000 VND (1.5 USD) per person. Stage 2: From Ao Ech, walk through the rocks to find the fishing village of Viet Hai, which is 7 km long. The ticket price is 80,000 VND (3.2 USD) per person. .

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Before trekking you must report to the park management (confirm name, address, telephone number). This is a precious biosphere reserve with diverse difficult terrain, so the experience in the forest should be strictly controlled.

Cat Ba National Park features mysterious natural beauty, especially with many different ecosystems in the “pan” of the forest: an evergreen limestone forest ecosystem in limestone mountains, Forests flooded in high mountains, Mangrove forest with cave system which is home to bats.
Going into the forest you will witness the changes in weather, from cold to misty. The roads here are connected in many terrains: the high bamboo forest to the crooked cliffs, the green leafy field.

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To get to Ao Ech, you have to go through the signposts such as Anh Rang Slope, Peak Clouds, Mount Ang Phay…

Because the trekking area is strictly protected by the park management, visitors are not afraid to lose their way. There are many traces painted on the cliffs, signs help you easily go through the mountains, forests.

Ao Ech is considered to be an impressive destination in the ecological chain of the park, with an area of 3.2 hectares in dry season, with shallow ponds and partially fibrous vegetation. Wild beauty creates the excitement of ecotourism enthusiasts. A note to visitors when entering this area – there are a lot of leeches, so you should dress properly and should not sit in humid bushes.

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From Ao Each, follow the side of the mountain about 4 km is the road leading to the Viet Hai fishing village, this road is more difficult by the large stone slabs, steep stone slopes, crooked rope. After the high mountain is the valley with many green trees, you will see the village gradually appearing.
Viet Hai fishing village creates beautiful impression by following the model of “clean house – beautiful garden”, there are many flowers on the two sides, door never be locked. Tourists can rent bikes to visit, learn about the old house in the fishing village.

From the village to Cat Hai wharf you should rent an electric car, which is 150,000 VND (7 USD) per trip for 10 people. Then you should remember to call to ship from Ben Beo port coming to pick up, cost 500,000 VND (24 USD) per trip.

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